Monday, November 14, 2011

Q: Everyone has already written about X, why should I?

I think I get asked this question quite often from people that start blogging, and I’ve tried to cover it in the presentation.

The purpose of your blog, for most of you, is to showcase your skills. It builds your brand and shows that you understand whatever you do in your career.

In the SQL Server world, it doesn’t matter if Books Online, twelve people at Microsoft and 1,452 other people have written about backing up a transaction log, it’s important that you show that you have the skills to make a transaction log backup.

The same thing occurs, whether you’re a CEO, a developer, a plumber, or in any other field. It’s important that I know you have the skills I need.

As a sidebar, if I found a plumber, handyman, electrician, etc. that blogged about their projects and experiences, I’d be much, much more likely to hire them. Why? It’s due diligence for me. Hint to tradesman: Get your spouse or kids to blog about your job if you don’t want to. It will help.

Don’t overthink blog posts. Write about what you’ve learned, or done, or accomplished. No matter how trivial you think it is, it’s important that you showcase those skills.


  1. Yes I do agree that skills are very very important irrespective of the job one is look for.

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  2. Never thought of it like this, thanks :).

    I usually don't post things because I'm thinking that there is already a lot on the same topic :)