Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have you checked your resume lately?

It's midway through January, and hopefully you are starting the year off on a good note.

A quick reminder that if you haven't touched your resume, or reviewed it in the last 90 days, do so today. Open it up, scan it, and see if there's something you can add or remove. Did you done some interesting work at the end of last year, something that might impress a future employer? Add it now.

If not, close it and move on with your day.

But set a reminder for 90 days from now to check it again.


It’s anti-SOPA/PIPA day, and a number of sites have shut down for the day. O’Reilly closed their page, and of course, Wikipedia shut down.


Google didn’t do the blackout I was hoping for, but they have hidden their logo:


I like the Wikipedia closure, which appeared seconds after hitting a page. It has a great effect on me.


I debated about shutting down this site, but for a Wordpress hosted site, I didn’t see an easy way to do it.

To be clear

I am not against copyright legislation, nor IP protections. We should ensure that content creators have some recourse and ability to control the way their content is used.

I think SOPA / PIPA are gross, overreaching ways of doing this that are designed to help a few large companies, and potentially hurt many small ones, and will have no impact on foreign sites. These laws simple cut the US off; they do not affect the operation of the foreign site.

We can come up with better ways to protect content, while also preserving fair use and personal liberties, and limiting copyright.

My personal stance is that the original 14 years + 14 year extension for copyright is plenty. If you cannot earn money in those 28 years, let someone else build on your work.