Monday, July 20, 2015

Use a Second Account for your Career

I know lots of people like to have one Facebook account, one Twitter account, one blog, etc. However I'd encourage you to be careful here. More and more I see accounts of people that lose their jobs because of controversial posts online. Most of us aren't in public service, or in high profile positions, but even tech workers aren't immune.

While I think someone that researches you might find other accounts, showing some separation from your job v your life is a good start. I'll give a great example for my friend, Brian Kelley. He has two blogs:

He posts separate items to each, but on his goal blog, he sometimes posts items from his youth ministry. Brian is a youth pastor and his thoughts there are intended to help people grow. However they might be offensive or inappropriate at work. That's what his second blog is for: work related items.

This won't prevent someone from being upset at your opinions, or your thoughts, but it does allow you to show you separate work from home.

One further note. Be sure the separation goes both ways. Don't complain about work in your life blog. Those thoughts are better kept private, and off the Internet.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Humility is defined as a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness. Humility is important in life. All of us  have things to learn from others, and we all make mistakes. We all have faults, and we could do better at most things in our life.

Most of us would not like to work with someone that is full of too much bravado. It's a turn off, and it creates resentment. Humility can be an important way to integrate yourself into a team  during your daily work.

However when you're looking for an interview, or in an interview, you need to suspend your humility. You are the only person that will promote yourself, talk about your accomplishments, and sell yourself as a great employee.

Be humble, as much as you can, but not in the interview and not on your blog, resume, or annual review.