Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting an Interview

This is really interesting. It's a post about a job search (from Brent Ozar, PLF)someone did, targeting specific companies and then using LinkedIn and some intelligence to focus their search and get interviews.

It shows that LinkedIn can work well, and that you should try to tailor your search when possible. This is a variation of using a cover letter, but one without the resume. Try to make contacts, and remember the most important quote from the post:

"people hire people".

Get to know people to get the chance at a job.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Whether you're looking for a new job, or just chugging along, it's important that you get some breaks and recharge in your life. I write so much about the ways in which you can improve yourself, and get ahead in your career, and that's important.

However it's equally important that you find time to relax, to recharge, and get away from your career. Whether it's a hobby, vacation, time with your family or time alone, make time for more in your life. Even if you enjoy the career work, or enjoy learning about it, take time to recharge and balance your life.

This week is an unwired week for me. I wrote this just before I left on Sunday, and scheduled it. I'll be at Camp Alexander with my middle son for a week of Boy Scout summer camp. He's enrolled in classes, but I'm mostly there supervising and helping keep the boys organized. Lots of free time for me to read, relax, perhaps write a bit, but mostly to get away from life a bit and enjoy the Colorado mountains.

Make sure you schedule some downtime in your life as well.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Networking Ideas

Written for executives, this piece on networking has some good reasons why you should work on your network. I don't think it requires 100% commitment from the non-executive crowd, but it does require work on your part. As mentioned, be active, follow up with people, and don't force things.

Listen, and engage people in conversation. Get to know them, interact with their ideas, and present your own.

You can do this in person at any gathering, but also online. You can interact with people on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Networking isn't hard, but it does require an effort.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Blogging Inspiration

I use Live Writer quite a bit from my Windows desktop for blogging. It’s free and a great piece of software. It’s always running, and as soon as I schedule a post, I click “New” and leave this up in the background.


It’s peaking out of the side of my normal browser window, and I can constantly see it. When I come upon a problem, or get an idea, I flip over to it and jot a note or a few sentences, or even drop in some code. I save it and move on.

I sync my LiveWriter folder across multiple machines, and no matter where I am working, I have a series of posts I can work on.


If I flip through my local drafts, I see the different drafts I have, along with the particular blog for which they are destined. I keep 4 blogs going, on vastly different topics and so save drafts all times when I’m working.

This won’t help you build a better blog, or write better, but it will remove one of the challenges: deciding what to write about. When you have time, scan through your drafts, and I’m sure you’ll find something to work on.