Monday, March 2, 2009

What's My Brand?

I give a lot of advice in building your brands these days, and one of the big ones is to keep your personal life and your professional life separate. So if you want to have a blog or a web site for your career (and you should), keep those separate from your personal life.

I tell people not to post about their cat or their kid on their professional blog. Am I breaking the rules then with posts on these topics?

I think not, and part of that is my brand. I've become known as someone with a variety of interests and while I do write about things not related to SQL Server or technology, I often tie them back to life in IT or the operation of my web site (SQLServerCentral) in many ways.

They're part of my brands, with the daily podcasts taking place outside as often as I can get them done out there. So while I am careful not to post things like these on my professional blog:

I can get away with a bit more than the average IT guy on my professional blog. I've built that brand over a number of years, and while you can too, I'd stick with a simpler one to start with.

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