Monday, June 15, 2009

Pensacola Results

A week ago I spoke at the Pensacola SQLSaturday event to about 30 people. A few drifted in late, so I’m not sure of the totals, but I did get these metrics from the surveys, when I had 24 people in the room:

Social Networking

  • Facebook – 18, or about 75%
  • LinkedIn – 12, or about 50%
  • MySpace – 2, or a little less than 10%, but one said he didn’t ever use it.
  • Plaxo – 6, or about 25%
  • Twitter – 2

This is a little better than I’ve seen in the past in Denver, so it’s good that there are more people putting a profile of some sort out there.


3 people had technical blogs, so only about 10%, which is on track. Almost 80%, or about 22 people, read blogs regularly.


The author poll, once again very few people recognized authors from their pictures, despite knowing the names. That's good news if you want to raise your profile, but keep a good portion of your privacy.

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