Monday, October 12, 2009

Networking with no need for a job

I wrote an editorial recently about networking, and why it can be important. The focus was about finding out about opportunities that might be out there for future jobs. I think with the economy in shambles, and lots of people out of work, it was a good way to highlight how you might find a job. You might not, but I think most people would rather have another safety net for their jobs if they can.

However in the comments, someone pointed out a few things I hadn't thought about. They mentioned four places where you might benefit from networking in your own career:
  • You might hear about a new technology that interests you. Or might further your career
  • You might hear about a business opportunity because of a problem with a competitor.
  • You might hear about someone having issues and be able to help them.
  • You get out of the office.
In terms of your physical resume, the first or second one might be something that helps you, but the last two are items you can bring up in interviews that show off some breadth and depth to your career. I'd make a note of them, blog about them, keep them handy as stories that can make you a more attractive employee.

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