Monday, February 1, 2010

The Cover Letter – Do I Need One?

Do you still need a cover letter in today’s Modern Resume? Isn’t it enough to list your blog, your social networking handles, and lots of keywords?

I would argue that despite the fact we are often not sending out actual letters and paper resumes, a cover letter still is important in separating yourself from everyone else. The HR people usually won’t bother with them, merely checking your resume against a list of requirements, but the cover letter often does get to the hiring manager.

And they often will read a short letter.

Putting together a letter that describes your interest in the company, or the job, can interest the manager. It shows some enthusiasm and effort to secure the job, and that’s what people want in am employee. Enthusiasm for the job and effort to do it well.

Many of the online resume sites (Monster, Dice, etc.) allow you to submit a cover letter with your resume for a position. I would recommend that you take advantage of this and send one along, customizing it for each position.

If you directly submit a resume, even electronically, be sure to include one, and I would even recommend that you send one to a recruiter for them to forward along when they submit your resume.

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