Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Anonymity is Fading

I’ve done a good amount to raise my profile over the years. Not with that intention, but as I’ve tried to be more active in the SQL community, writing more about SQL Server, my profile has raised.

Today I saw Dave Winer posting on Twitter about the Google home page change (there’s an image there) and then said that when he searched for “Dave” he was on the first page still.

So I tried it and typed “Steve Jones” into Google and hit enter. My first result page is long, longer than I remember and I had to scroll, but I actually had two results on page 1.


You can see the second one above, with another right above this for my SQLServerCentral blog.

That’s amazing to me. It’s kind of cool, but I think I’d prefer to be buried on page 10. Where do you show up?


  1. Hi Steve,

    I recently found your blog and am becoming a fan.

    I just did a search and found out that I have six hits on the front page when I search for "John Sterrett." I am not sure of this is good or bad. I also think that I might prefer to be buried on page 10.

    I still have a lot to learn about SQL Server but I am having a great time on the road to SQL Greatness.


  2. Thanks, and good luck. Keep following here and SQLServerCentral. I'll try to keep giving advice and knowledge.