Monday, November 29, 2010

Resume Templates

Someone asked me recently if I had a resume template I would recommend. I didn’t and on one one hand I wish I had, but on the other hand you want to stand out, so why use what lots of others might use?
I think that there are a ton of templates out there for how to structure a resume, and any of them can work. I’ll add a few blog posts about my tips and hints, but the first thing I’d do is suggest that you pick a clean template that looks good. When someone gets your resume in the email, or in Word/HTML, you want it to look clean and not cluttered. If you find a template and it’s a pain to read, or look at when you’re 2 feet from the monitor, find another.
Don’t give someone a reason to send your resume to the recycle bin before they even read it.

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  1. Hi Steve, How are you? i totally agree with what you have to say..i always love to be unique..and also say that preparing an effective resume is the easy job with Google in place..its never best practice to copy others resume. make your own! every article was a master piece and knowledgeable!! keep writing!

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