Monday, March 28, 2011

Tips for Speaking

I've read a few books on speaking, and looked to get feedback from people on what I can do better in my talks. I've learned things, and I think I've improved over time, but there are always ways to get better. I've considered Toastmasters, but time is precious for me right now and that's a night that I can't spare in the coming months. However I do want to get there at some point and have some practice talks.

Recently I saw a great post at The Goal Keeping DBA, from Brian Kelley called Tip on Speaking (and Writing) Well – The Key Idea. It's actually based on a Toastmasters article that Brian has distilled down. He has some great advice on speaking, or writing, and it's worth reading.

It's also similar to the advice I often give authors as an editor. Focus on something and do that well.

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