Monday, November 26, 2012

A Reason to Grow Your Skills

I suspect more companies will start to look for new opportunities in business by reducing the amount of resources they spend on tasks that can be easily outsourced. The CIO of Toyota, North America, talks about that a little in this piece.
It’s not just technology, however. I suspect that more and more companies are looking to hire someone else to manage pieces of their business, which are outside their core competency. I can imagine that every business, from paralegals to nurses, from supply chain analysts to architects might find some of their job being outsourced or automated. The easy, simple, tedious parts that can be handled in a simpler way by another person or process.
That means you should be looking to tackle the more creative, or thoughtful, or interesting parts of your job. You should learn to improve your skills so that you are not focused on the easier parts of your job, which can be outsourced, but on the most difficult parts.
As you improve those skills, make sure they are a part of your brand. Whether that’s in a blog, a document, or something else, keeping your brand up to date can pay off in the future.

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