Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Get a second opinion on your blog

In addition to blogging regularly, learning about new things, and learning to edit your work, it’s important that you also present your knowledge, skills, and efforts in a positive light. All too often I find people that write technical articles understand what they are writing about, and are very knowledgeable, but are unable to communicate well.

Editing is important, you can certainly learn to spell correctly, catch typos (their v there) and fix grammar issues, but are you actually, logically, explaining what you have learned or accomplished?

It’s hard for most of us to play the part of the teacher and student when we blog. It’s too easy for us to assume the student will understand what we mean, without realizing we are assuming too much knowledge. It’s also too easy for us to skip logical steps because we think everyone would automatically realize they were implied.

Do yourself a favor when you are blogging and get second opinions from friends or family on what you writing. Ask if your posts read well, and if they make sense. Even if you have someone that doesn’t understand the topic read the article, it should flow and be easy to read. If it’s not, fix it before you publish it.

This is your brand and it’s just as important that you present it positively as it is you keep adding to the knowledge in your field.

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