Monday, July 8, 2013

Asking for a Raise

I ran across a few tips on how you might approach your boss for a raise this year. It's been years since some people got raises or bonuses, but more people are reporting that they are receiving them this year, so maybe it's time you asked.

The important thing is in the first section. Have you done anything that deserves a raise? Anything out of the ordinary? Lots of people expect some kind of raise for doing their job, but that's a losing strategy for the business, and for you. If you are just doing the job, at some point it makes more sense to hire someone else and train them rather than continue to give you raises.

The advice in asking is good. Schedule the meeting, have your documentation and make a request. All that depends on you having done something, and documenting that you've done it. That's what most of this blog is about. Doing something and documenting it.

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