Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Care a little about your blog

I ran across this post: how to blog about code and give zero fucks (warning, foul language). It essentially is a plea to blog more, to not worry about what you write, but just share more about how to develop and program.

Overall I agree with the post, and like some of the passion that the author shows. However I’d disagree with part of his advice. He talks about ignoring quality control, and not worrying about capitalization, commas, grammar, etc.

The way you blog, even if you are writing casually, will reflect lots of your communication style. If you can’t explain things well, succinctly, and can’t write complete sentences (Assuming you are blogging in English), that’s an issue.

Grammar isn’t hard. Spelling is more so, and it’s easy to make mistakes, but writing complete sentences that are understandable is important. You don’t have to write formally, or get an editor to clean up everything, but have someone read your work periodically and give you feedback. Correct errors people point out and learn from them.

Over time, writing in a cleaner, clearer style will become an ingrained habit.

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