Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blogging: Structuring Your Posts

I'm sitting here on a Sunday morning, it's quiet, a relaxing morning away from work and I'm working. Actually I'm trying to catch up on some blogging to be sure that I can publish on a regular basis.

My primary job right now is writing, and so I create editorials, articles, and blogs on a regular basis. My goal is to publish daily (weekdays), and that's something I feel confident in doing since I write every day. Your blogging schedule may be different, but you want to come up with something you can maintan and stick to it.

I tend to try and get 4-5 posts ahead all the time so that I'm never struggling to get things done. That means I typically work on 2-3 at one time and get them done and scheduled for release. I do that a couple times a week and I am then easily a week out for holidays, vacations, etc.

In order to be productive when you're doing that, you have to know what you want to write about, or have a topic that you can expand on. I've been thinking about a few I needed to get done and decided to get going this morning and so I'll share what I'm thinking as I structure these posts.

My topic this morning is my Kindle. That's the e-reader from Amazon that I bought awhile back and I've been using it for work and pleasure, and enjoying it. I've done some reviews, not on the device, but on the experience, and I like to get one out every couple weeks. However since I'm thinking about how I've been using the Kindle, I have noticed a few things:
  • I read a lot more now (I've had it 4 months)
  • I read 4 books at a time, but haven't always
  • I recently read a paper book and enjoyed it.
  • I had a sample that was an older book (early 1900s) and I needed to change the font sizes
  • I returned some gifts to Barnes and Noble recently because I wanted Kindle versions
Using these thoughts, I decided to organize this into 5 posts.

First I wanted to let people know that the experience of paper was nice, I missed it a bit, but the story hooked me and I realized that. I've been hooked by the Kindle as well and not noticed it wasn't paper.

The second post was talking about my reading habits. I started using the Kindle as I had paper books, reading one and moving on. However I found I read more if I switch books often, so I made a note about that.

The third post was looking back at what I've read over the time I've had it. I'm reading more, and so I wanted to list things. This is a time consuming post to get the links in, but it's mindless. I'll save this one for when I watch TV at night and just need to cut and paste a bunch.

The fourth post was on my thoughts about traditional bookstores.

The fifth post, which I've sketched, but not written, was on the power of samples and how I use them.

So one topic, the Kindle, which I could have crammed a bunch of thoughts into one post, was split into 5, giving me a week's worth of entries, or in my case, one a week for 5 weeks.

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