Monday, January 12, 2009

New Blogger Advice

My advice for new bloggers, meaning someone that has never done it, is to set a reasonable schedule. Pick something no more often than once a week and no less than once a month. Then go get LiveWriter and start writing posts. Set a reminder in Outlook or whatever you use to write something once a week and spend 15-20 minutes working on talking about something you've done at work.

Don't get a blog, don't publish, but see if you can get 5-6 posts done in draft mode. If you can maintain that, if it's not a huge chore, and if you like it, then set up a blog and SCHEDULE these posts out according to your publication schedule.

If you plan to send one out every two weeks, then your 5 posts get you going for 2 1/2 months. That's a long time out, so I might look back at how successful I've been writing. If I could do a post a week, then schedule them out for the next 5 weeks and keep your Outlook reminders going. This way when you go away for vacation you'll still have some articles scheduled and it looks like you're still working along.

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