Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blogging Software - Live Spaces

Setting up a blog is easy these days with a variety of free and low-cost services out there. I highly recommend you take advantage of one of these services to start building your brand and enhancing your resume.

Live Spaces, the offering from MSN and Microsoft, isn't one I recommend. In fact, I recommend you don't use it for a technical blog. It works great for your personal blog, but not a career based one.

Why not?

I was using Live Writer, which I do recommend, to compose something the other day. One of my 5 blogs is at Live Spaces and I wanted to get a few updates done. So I finished one and went to schedule it a few days out. My goal is to try and blog regularly, which means that I might schedule some in advance to keep the site changing and interesting.

To my surprise I couldn't schedule things out. The error message informed me that this blog service didn't support future publishing.


That's a basic feature, one even my home grown blog software supported.

Frankly I was stunned, and while a personal blog is fine for real-time publishing I think that you might want to put out regular updates on your career blog and that requires scheduling.

Or incredible discipline.

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