Monday, December 12, 2011

People Lie to You

It’s true, people lie to you.

It’s hard to get an honest assessment out of the people closest to you. They often don’t want to say anything bad, or tell you that they view you poorly. Your family and close friend don’t provide the honest assessment you might need about your professional brand or work.

However people you don’t know very well will lie as well, and you can’t necessarily trust their opinions precisely because you don’t know them very well.

How can you get an honest assessment? You have to work at it. Ask someone you trust, but someone that is strong enough to disagree with you. Tell them you really need an honest opinion from them on something you’ve done, and that you expect there is room for improvement.

Hopefully you have a few of these friends or family that can help you improve the way you present yourself in a professional setting.

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