Monday, June 4, 2012

Blogging Inspiration

I use Live Writer quite a bit from my Windows desktop for blogging. It’s free and a great piece of software. It’s always running, and as soon as I schedule a post, I click “New” and leave this up in the background.


It’s peaking out of the side of my normal browser window, and I can constantly see it. When I come upon a problem, or get an idea, I flip over to it and jot a note or a few sentences, or even drop in some code. I save it and move on.

I sync my LiveWriter folder across multiple machines, and no matter where I am working, I have a series of posts I can work on.


If I flip through my local drafts, I see the different drafts I have, along with the particular blog for which they are destined. I keep 4 blogs going, on vastly different topics and so save drafts all times when I’m working.

This won’t help you build a better blog, or write better, but it will remove one of the challenges: deciding what to write about. When you have time, scan through your drafts, and I’m sure you’ll find something to work on.

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