Monday, June 18, 2012


Whether you're looking for a new job, or just chugging along, it's important that you get some breaks and recharge in your life. I write so much about the ways in which you can improve yourself, and get ahead in your career, and that's important.

However it's equally important that you find time to relax, to recharge, and get away from your career. Whether it's a hobby, vacation, time with your family or time alone, make time for more in your life. Even if you enjoy the career work, or enjoy learning about it, take time to recharge and balance your life.

This week is an unwired week for me. I wrote this just before I left on Sunday, and scheduled it. I'll be at Camp Alexander with my middle son for a week of Boy Scout summer camp. He's enrolled in classes, but I'm mostly there supervising and helping keep the boys organized. Lots of free time for me to read, relax, perhaps write a bit, but mostly to get away from life a bit and enjoy the Colorado mountains.

Make sure you schedule some downtime in your life as well.

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