Monday, February 4, 2013

The Dream Home Job

I’ve telecommuted for over a decade, mostly for myself, but now for another company, albeit in the same job. My wife worked for over 20 years, from home, for 5 or 6 companies. Telecommuting works.

If you want to make your job better by working from home, or find a new job that allows telecommuting, make sure that you are making a success of yourself while you work at home.  I ran across this piece on Why Remote Workers are More Engaged, and it makes some good points.

However it is important that the employee understands the challenges and makes an effort to show that they are working well.

Make this part of your brand, that you are a successful and effective remote worker. Whether it’s once in awhile or every day, include this as part of your brand. It shows motivation, professionalism, and independence, all of which are attractive to managers.

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