Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Actively Drive Your Career

Did you choose to take your current position from among many offers? Or did you accept the job because it seemed like a good position and you needed a job (or to get away from a job)?

Far, far too many people let their careers drive them. They fall from job to job, taking the first position offered them that seems like a good decision. I rarely find people, including myself, that actively search for, and take positions they really want.

Part of the value of building your own brand is that you will be able to showcase your skills and experience to a variety of employers. Even if you don’t need a job, you have the chance to apply for, and consider, positions that might better suit you than your current job.

You can actively drive your career forward, targeting specific industries, positions, or even companies. You have the ability to build a brand that is tailor made to attract the attention of the company or individual that might give you the job you want.

Of course, you need the qualifications and experience, and that should be your first step, but as you gain that experience, you can enhance your brand to help you get the job you want. Your brand will match well with the position, and give you the chance to control your career.

This doesn’t mean you often change jobs or employers, but rather that you make conscious choices about the types of work you want to do, the place where you do it, and the way in which you work. The more you invest in your career, improve your skills, and showcase that improvement, the more likely you are to see you career move in the direction that suits you.

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